Cleaning with Laser light is environmentally friendly, precise and profitable! Laser Cleaning Africa offers laser beam cleaning technology for gentle and efficient surface treatment. A global leader in laser cleaning technology, Laser Cleaning Africa is the only manufacturer in Africa that offers fiber-coupled, compact, mobile or stationary laser cleaning units, with 20 to 1000 watts of laser power for a wide-range of applications.
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Product overview:


Low Power

Ideal for the treatment of small areas:
CL 20 Backpack, CL 12 / CL 20 / CL 40 / CL 50 / CL 100

Mid Power

Suitable for a wide-range of industrial applications:
CL 150 / CL 300 / CL 400 / CL 500

High Power

For production intensive and large-area applications:
CL 1000

Back Pack

This super portable 20 Watt laser is well-suited for small area treatments and for gently cleaning historic surfaces.

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