CL 20 Backpack

  • Average laser power up to 20 Watt
  • Flexible and light-weight backpack laser (ca. 12 kg)
  • Operates via direct power or rechargeable batteries
  • Gentle and precise cleaning of sensitive surfaces
  • Diode pumped solid-state laser
  • Very quiet air-cooled system
  • Large operating distance (up to 250 mm)
  • Laser class 4 product

Ultra-portable and compact backpack laserNew design – new remote controlFrom an Egyptian burial chamber, to an aircraft wing, or work in remote areas, the backpack laser is made to go almost everywhere. The CL 20 Backpack features a 20 Watt diode pumped laser source with a range of adjustable beam and power settings. The laser is mounted to a backpack frame making it comfortable to carry and ease to move around.

This super portable 20 Watt laser is well-suited for small area treatments and for gently cleaning historic surfaces. With its rechargeable battery pack, this laser can operate completely cordless.

Application examples:

  • De-coating of small areas
  • Restoration & conservation
  • Natural stone cleaning
  • Rust/oxide removal
  • Oil & grease removal
  • Selective paint removal
  • Micro-profiling
  • Pre-treatment to enhance adhesive bonding