Laser Systems

The right size laser for each application – from 12 to 1000 wattsWe offer a broad portfolio of laser systems ranging from super mobile backpack mounted, battery-powered 20 watt units to portable 1000 watt handheld lasers… the most powerful available anywhere.
Our compact laser system are engineered for industrial use, 24/7 operation, durability and minimal maintenance.

They are constructed using a modular design, enabling optimal configuration to meet the customers’ specific requirements, including heavy-duty, production intensive applications.

Manually operated handheld, fully automated, or entire workstation systems
Fully mobile or stationary versions
Beam delivery via flexible optical fiber cables up to 50m long
Special optic designs

Product overview:


Low Power

Ideal for the treatment of small areas:
CL 20 Backpack, CL 12 / CL 20 / CL 40 / CL 50 / CL 100

Mid Power

Suitable for a wide-range of industrial applications:
CL 150 / CL 300 / CL 400 / CL 500

High Power

For production intensive and large-area applications:
CL 1000

Back Pack

This super portable 20 Watt laser is well-suited for small area treatments and for gently cleaning historic surfaces.